About us

Current Situation

Office Gorremans has its administrative headquarter in Zolder, Zandstraat 5. All parts of the administrative process and the distribution of the damage cases to the various experts are happening in Zolder.

The current management of Office Gorremans consists of:

  • Alain Gorremans (Business Manager)
  • Bart Vandewalle (Office Manager)

Below you'll find the link to our team.


Process and development

Thanks to an advanced automation and computerization of the office, we are able to finalize damage cases quickly . In ideal circumstances, the creation of a case and the first contact with the customer are happening within 48 hours after taking assignment of a damage case. The appointment is scheduled as soon as possible, and the administrative processing of a case happens as soon as possible after the expertise.

Since the beginning of 2012 we invested in the extension of computerization. The experts will go on the road with tablets, which will give them the possibility to finalize damage cases very quickly.